Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Dwarven conversions :)

Decided to do a couple of conversions on my dwarvies from the Escape from goblin town box set...

Decided to chop Dori's flail off as I dont really like double weaponed models (apart from gloin, he's pretty neat). I also repositioned his sword to make him look more 'ready for action'.

Fili. Found this one quite hard because of such an awkward pose, I just chopped one sword off and turned the hand around to give him a 'Yar! we won!!' kinda pose :D.

Nori. I felt his hair was just a bit too weird for my liking so I sculpted my own...

Not really a conversion but I guessed the dwarves would want lots of water on thier journey so I gave Bofur a water bottle.

I spotted Dwalin had quite a cool knife on his belt and, as I wasn't a fan of his maul, I did this conversion. It involved some GS, lots of chopping and half his arm flying ou the window (but thats another story)

...aaand Gandalf. I copied One Ring member Monotone Matt's very nice conversion for this one :)

C&C very welcome ;)


  1. Great job. I like the Dori conversion the best...looks quite natural.