Sunday, 9 November 2014

Glorfindel, Lord of the West

'Glorfindel was tall and straight; his hair was of shining gold, his face fair and young and fearless and full of joy; his eyes were bright and keen, and his voice like music; on his brow sat wisdom, and in his hand was strength.'

Glorfindel was always one of my favourite characters from the Lord of the Rings partially because of how Sauron's best servants were scared of him and partially because he's all-round awesome fellow. I hope I've done him justice in my painting :)

You may have noticed the face looks very flat, almost monotone, I wanted to almost entirely avoid highlighting of the face so as to avoid the stereotypical extremely pointed cheek bones that so characterize many a fantasy's characters. I am yet to acquire more snow so my latest models won't be truly finished until I do... but even without snow at least 50% of my models are unbased or unfinished, a fact I'm hoping to remedy over this winter season.

Thanks for looking, comments most appreciated

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